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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thank You

We haven't posted in a while as life tends to catch up to you!  I don't know how much we will post in the future, but I wanted to post today.  Today, 12-12-12 we will be finalizing the adoption on the American side.  It is the last step in this long process.  Today the kids will officially have their names changed to Moses Ezra Burdett and Clare Adeline Burdett and will be American citizens!  There is so much I can say.  We started this process in April 2011 after talking with Julie Porter on the phone and deciding God was pulling us into this place.  So much has happened and so many people have helped us on the way.  Without SO many people this adoption could not have happened.  On this final day I wanted to take a minute to say thank you.

First thank you to all the hundreds if not thousands of people that have prayed for us through this adoption.  Your prayers were directly felt and were greatly appreciated.  When so many people call forth Gods name on something I know God will move.  I appreciate all the time you gave us in those prayers.

Thank you to Matt and Julie Porter for helping us take our first steps and find out way through this crazy process.  Thank you to mom and Jennifer Zucha for helping us get in touch with Emma who made all this possible.

Thank you to all our friends and family that gave us money before we left for Uganda to help start this journey.  Thank you to Kristen for doing so much to help with our fundraiser.  Thank you to Ellen, David, and Michelle for throwing an amazing shower to help us get ready.

I want to thank Scott, Hannah, and Ashlyn who let us use take their luggage to the other side of the world and back!  Scott and Hannah's bags now have more than a little Gulu dirt on them!  Thank you to Abbey and John (from Servant Church) for helping us with power converters, clothes, advice, and so much more.  You helped us so much get ready for our international adventure.

On the trip we had so many prayers and so much encouragement through email and skype!  I really appreciate all those that emailed and called Nik on her birthday to make it special.

Towards the end of the trip things started to become tight financially and some amazing friends and family helped us out.  Thank you to : the Dickersons, Shane and Danielle Shoaf, Daniel and Mindy Dennison, Scott and Pam, Ted and Dana, and Neil and Marge Schuermann.  Thank you all so much.  I simply don't know what we would have done without you.

Thank you to George and Emma our new Ugandan family.  Your patience, persistence, kindness, faithfulness, and dedication made this adoption possible.  You did so much and did it so well.  George thankyou for what must have been the most uncomfortable car ride ever on our way back from Padibe!  Also thank you for not only taking on our case, but treating us like family by bringing us into your home and sharing your family and church with us.  Thank you to Emma for taking us into your family and bringing us into your church and just giving so much of yourself to this adoption.  Eventhough you are on the other side of the world know that we love you and think of you both often.  I look forward to the times you can travel to see us and to the day we go back to Uganda to see you.

Thank you to our parents:  Dana, Ted, Scott, and Pam.  There are no words to describe what you mean to us or how much you helped us.  From the start you were all enthusiastic and supportive of our unconventional family.  You prayed for us daily, cried with us, skyped with us, loved on us and just did more than I can possibly thank you for.  From your financial help to the daily prayer and encouragement it has meant so much.  We could not have done this without you all.  Now that we are back you have loved our children like they were your natural grand children and done so much to help us through this integration of families.  I cannot express how much I love you all and appreciate what you have done.  You have been Angles of God in our lives for this past year and a half.

Finally I want to thank God.   Lord you made this possible from day one by putting this call into our hearts. Nik and I prayed for each step and you did it at the right time not our time.  You then found us the perfect two children that we could not dream of anyone more perfect.  You have been by our side each day encouraging and loving on us.  Thank you for all you have done, because this adoption is all you.  These children remind me daily of who you are and how you love us.  While the adoption is done the journey is just begining.  Thank you

Thank you to everyone if we are not facebook friends feel free to friend us as that is the best place to follow our journey.  Love and God Bless..... The Burdetts (Travis, Niki, Clare, and Moses)