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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lessons in Dad hood

Growing up I remember thinking my dad could fix anything and everything.  Whenever a toy or something broke it seemed like dad could fix it up.  Two days ago we bought the kids bikes.  They are good, but the kids have no  idea how to ride them, of course!  So that same day I went and purchased training wells and got them installed on the bikes.  Then it was bike riding time!

It was very shakey at first and it didn't help that we live on a small hill so the kids are always either going down or up the hill, but it is nice that we live on a culd-e-sac so there is not much traffic. The kids started riding and did ok, but Clare's left training wheel would not stay in place, it kept moving everywhere and caused her lots of trouble riding her bike.  We left it alone on Sunday night and Monday morning the first thing they wanted to do was ride their new bikes, of course.  So I tried to fix it a little, but it was not working.  So when lunch time came around the kids started eating and I decided it was time to get in deep!  I took off one part and cut it in half (the chain guard) to make more room by the training wheel and then I took a few industrial strength zip ties that were given to me by Niki's dad.  With the guard back on and the zip ties in place it was truely a crappy fix it job, but ..... IT WORKED!  Dad did amazing work according to Clare, but it was a fairly junky repair job (surely nothing my dad would do ;)

Besides bike fun we survived getting vaccines and the kids seem to be doing ok with our dogs (but they are getting to know them slowly).  Thursday we go up to Oklahoma for a few days and then next Tuesday the kids will start school!  They are very excited and would start today if they could.

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  1. I think on your way up to OK you should stop in Denton, TX to see your favorite college student whom you love. Not saying you have to, just saying that I would love to see some of my favorite people. Love y'all can't wait to meet these kids!