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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Clare!!

This morning Clare came downstairs to several presents on the table and her birthday cake. She was so excited and couldn't believe that they were ALL for her! She took cupcakes to school to share with her class. She told me her favorite part was the sprinkles :) After school she got a baby doll from my principal and she named it Baby Niki. Silly girl. I told her we could go anywhere and do anything so she decided we'd go to the playground to swing and collect acorns. After that she decided that we'd go home to ride bikes. On our way home we stopped by the mailbox and she got two birthday cards, one from Aunt Valerie & Co. and one from Aunt Lynda. She loved getting mail! As we were pulling up to the house I stopped to show her the two boxes on the porch and I told her they were presents for her. She got really excited about more presents and said "Birthdays in America are lovely!" Cutest thing EVER!! Lovely? Really? Okay!

 Moses was such a great sport about everything being about Clare. After bikes she decided we'd go in and watch The Princess Diaries. About 5 minutes into that Dani and Pop Skyped us. So, she opened her presents from them. She got a musical jewelry box and a set of Bob Books (ones that she can read). She played the jewelry night ALL night. She specifically asked that it played while she opened the rest of her gifts. Last week we asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner. After she realized she could have anything she wanted she decided on hot dogs, mac & cheese, chicken and rice! Silly girl. We had all that for dinner!

6 Candles in the shape of a C

Clare with her birthday crown from school and her funfetti cupcakes

Hello Kitty purse and Ariel sunglasses from mama and baba. Later she said "I love my glasses!"

Glitter headbands!

Moses sportin' a glitter headband :) 

What is it? It's from Aunt Tamie & Uncle Brian!

A "Clare" hat!

Thanks Dickerson's!!

Gifts from Gramma & Grampa Schuermann - A game!

And a geometrical coloring book w/colored pencils from G&G Schuermann!

Mama's tea set from when we was a little girl

"I'll have tea with Moses."

And last, but not least a talking WOODY doll from Moses!

"Thanks Moses! High five!!"

Baba read Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You to them before bed and they loved it. When I told Clare goodnight, I asked her if she had a good birthday. She giggled giddily and squealed YES! I'm so happy she had such a great day! Love that girl SO much!


  1. They are so cute! Happy birthday, Clare! We can't wait to meet you and Moses!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to see you all in 2 weeks!