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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Week in Photos & Videos

We took a walk down to a park that Travis and I walk to normally. We got there and the kids played on the playground. While we were there, I told Travis that I didn't realize how long the walk was until we were doing it with kids. The kids were fine until the last stretch of our walk home. At the end of our street Clare just sat down on the sidewalk. She was done. (I was too!) We got her to stand up and walk, but she was muttering in Acholi the rest of the way home. I started counting houses very loudly, "One house.....two houses...", etc. Our house is the 10th house. They didn't care about the counting, but I kept doing it. The next day Travis took them to Home Depot and on their way back to the house, they counted all the houses on our street! They WERE listening! They now count the houses every time we are driving back to our house. It's very cute and reminds me that even if they are mad and tired they are still listening.

Watching popcorn pop for the first time.

Making silly faces to send to Uncle Greg to wish him luck on his last CPA exam.

First movie theater experience! We took them to see Ice Age: Continental Drift at the dollar theater. They were very excited to see their favorite characters on the big screen. The had their jaw dropped and leaned forward during the whole movie. They love it! 

Story time at Barnes and Noble

Clare, Dani and Mama got pedicures. Clare got free flowers on her toes and paint on her nails. She's very proud of the flowers on her toes :)

We went to buy bikes and of course Moses had to jump behind the wheel of anything with a wheel!

Snuggling with Tag.

When we left for Uganda these were seeds. When we got home, they'd climbed the whole fence and were in full bloom. Morning Glories are my favorite, but I'd never grown them, before. 

New Bikes!

Baba and his ducklings headed to the playground

Cooking their first hotdogs over the fire pit in the backyard

Hotdogs are good!

Tag wonders if he can have some hotdog, too!

Mmm! First S'more!

Learning to roast marshmallow

We went to Yukon, OK to visit my parents and ALL my family. The kids met a lot more people and got to play with cousins, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents. 

Playing with Mama's old Tinker Toys

Resting with Grampa

Making hot chocolate to try it for the first time

Great Aunt Karla and Maddy bought them Candy Land. We had to play!

"I am a mammoth."

Gramma read to them all three nights we were there. The kids repeated every word she said and did dramatic hand motions with the words. 

Having their fist pancakes! Clare would only eat the baby ones, the big ones didn't taste as good.

Showing Great Grandma and Grandpa Schuermann a photo book of Uganda

Serving Great Grandpa Small some play doh ice cream

John Parizak let the kids come out and see the tractors. Moses was SUPER excited! 

Clare and Moses driving the tractor with Grampa

Moses is driving!

Finished driving the tractor. They had a blast!

Clare, decorating her birthday cake with sprinkles. (We celebrated a little since my parents won't see her around her birthday).  She kept saying "no birthday, no birthday" when we would talk about her birthday, but once she learned there were presents involved she was ALL about the birthday! She got involved in her cake and excited about ice cream and singing.

I got to teach her that we light the candles, sing Happy Birthday, then she gets to blow out the candles. She learned quickly and loved every second of it!
She got her own digital camera from Gramma & Grampa!

Clare, taking a photo of Gramma taking a photo.

Clare and Moses got to meet A LOT of cousins and play at Play Zone


Then they got to ride on Oma's short bus to McDonald's. They loved it. Clare told Gramma that they threw balls around the bus and sang. She learned "The Wheels on the Bus".

Thanks Oma for the fun warm hats!

Katy and Brandon came over the visit and brought the kids Catan Jr. (I'm psyched!) It was so great to see them!

Then the Shoaf grandchildren came over the play. Clare, Lily and Riley had a great time playing!

Johnathon with Elmo - he and Rosalie came by for a visit while the Shoafs were there.

We thought the kids would be exhausted after meeting so many people that day, but that night my cousins came over and the kids wrestled with them the whole time.

Playing with Julia and their cousins Taylor and Brice 

Sunday, we stopped in Norman to eat with Daniel and Ruthie, after church, then headed to the OU campus to show our kiddos the stadium.

They were VERY excited! They were singing "OU OU Boomer Sooner OU" as we walked around.

Once they saw the stadium they were asking when we were going to watch a game here. They are ready!

We walked by all the Heisman Trophy winners and Moses ran over to Sam Bradford and said "Take my picture!" 

Today we visited the Round Rock Fire Dept. Our friend, Hannah, works there and invited the kids out for a tour. Moses loved it! (Clare was in a sour mood...)

Moses was so excited to see the trucks and explore them. He jumped into the driver seat (as usual) and HAD to put his buckle on. Good boy! He was the happiest kid in the world!

So happy that he thanked the fireman, then gave him a big big bear hug!

We have done SOOOO much in the last week. Wow! I didn't realized how much we've done (hence me having no time to blog) until I started this blog post. Tomorrow they both start Kindergarten! Moses' teacher came by the house, today to meet him. One of my friend's kids is in his class, so we went and met and played with him. We just heard something upstairs and Clare was awake playing on her bed. Neither of them have done that before. I'm sure she's just excited about tomorrow and can't sleep. 

First Day of School, Tomorrow!! 


  1. Best wishes on the first day of school! Looking forward to reading/seeing more.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to share all of the wonderful pictures and videos! What a treat! Hope school goes well for them!

  3. I'm very happy for you guys. It looks like the kids are having tons of fun!

  4. Loved your photo-story of so many "firsts"! :)